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Rumi & Hafiz
An evening of Love and Longing.
Come Home

RUMI & HAFIZ ~ An evening of Love and Longing.
Ecstatic poetry and music to heal your soul.

8th December 2012
7:45pm - 10pm
AT: Exhale Center for Sacred Movement
245 S. Main Street
Venice, California, 90292, USA.
$20 presale $25 on the door.
Reservations Phone +1 (310) 450-7676

A performance of poems interwoven with soul stirring live music and song.
Combining the emotionally inspiring sounds of the Hang, frame drum and voice, along with violin and flute.

The ensemble weaves a seductive musical spell that unlocks the heart and opens the doorway to the divine.

Musically directed by Masood Ali Khan.

Poems recited by Steve Hasenberg.

LIVE MUSIC ~ Masood Ali Khan and Sama on the Magic Carpet
featuring Masood Ali Khan ~ Playing the Hang drum.
Marla Leigh Goldstein ~ Percussionist playing frame drum and Flute.
Katyanna Zoroghlian ~ Vocalist Sound healer.
Deepak Ramapriyan ~ Playing violin.

Mark Gorman ~ Playing Bass

WATCH a clip of

Masood Ali Khan and Sama on the Magic Carpet 
Live at the next yoga conference May 2012

13th July 2012
After a delightful evening of poetry and music some emails came in with the following remarks:
"spectacular", "blown away", "awesome", "unbelievable", "inspired", "life shifting", "ecstatic", "brilliant", "like Shams, you four were basket weavers of the soul."

One gentleman informed us that we captured the essence of Rumi in a way that he had never experienced, "in the blood and bones", as he says.

But o
ur favorite email was this:
"Friday night was so amazing. I sat and listened and could not believe what I was hearing. I was like a little kid. It was so amazing!!! The instruments...the amazine drums, I so loved the Flute, the new steel drum instrument and the gorgeous man who played it...Rumi's words and and Steve's amazing delivery and sweet Anita's haunting and beautiful. Wow! What a combination. It was such a new kind of connection to the Divine for me. I have been thinking of it all weekend. I am so grateful that you invited me. It was really a special, beyond words, event. Still can't get over it. It was like being on a different another world. The sounds were so amazing. And to hear Rumi's words..all I can say is Wow and thank you so much."

We thank you all that came to this first recital.

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